Firefox, the Award-winning Web browser that more and more people are switching to! Click here for Mozilla Firefox.

offers the unique features that will vastly improve your online experience, so feel confident in making the switch to the fastest, safest, most customizable web browser in the world.

  • Firefox is simple, fast, and free!
  • Packed with Cool Features: Firefox offers tabbed browsing, automatic spell check, search engine tool bars, session restoration, and so many more features that help make Firefox the best choice in Web browsers.
  • Secure & Safe: Firefox keeps you safe from spy ware, hackers, phishers, scammers and spammers and stops annoying pop-ups by using the power of a vigilant and passionate community to protect you 24/7. Proven to be safer than Internet Explorer and more and more people are now switching from IE to Firefox.
  • Fully Customizable: Firefox Add-ons can help you comparison shop, share bookmarks with your friends, view weather reports, write blog entries, get news, and listen to music, all from inside the browser. You can even change the appearance of your browser from buttons to colors and fonts to match your own personal style.
  • A Passionate Community: Firefox is made by a global community and public benefit organization dedicated to improving the online experience of people everywhere.
  • Firefox Browser is compatible with all other browsers fine.

  • Operating systems

  • Windows 95 up to Windows vista: Mac OS X 10.2.x and later: Red Hat Linux 8.0.

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